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Vertical gardens

Bayberry & Co. is widely known for its unique ability to design, engineer construct, plant and maintain large vertical gardens. These design features are usually found in urban areas to provide pleasing respite from concrete walls and tall buildings. We also create smaller vertical gardens for office lobbies or on the exterior of a pool or deck area

Because they are quite heavy, vertical gardens present unique engineering challenges. The design must also incorporate detailed knowledge of the kinds of plantings that will thrive in a vertical environment and how these plants will harmonize visually. For example, the architect might use Scheffler Luceanne to provide a swath of deep green at the corners that is set off by Burgandy Ficus Elastica and Neon Pothos serving as a bright focal point in the center. Lighting and moisture management are also critical to the success of these installations.

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The creation of meaningful outdoor spaces begins with a thorough understanding and analysis of a property’s potential in response to a program developed by you the client. As artisans of the landscape, we seek to provide creative, detailed, and beautiful elements to your exterior environment.

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