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There are many elements to the crafting and building of outside structures that make landscape construction very different from regular building construction.

First is the overall aesthetic. Outside elements should be crafted to survive and thrive in the elements and take into account microclimates a site might possess. Plants should also be properly sized to avoid overcrowding the space in five years. At Bayberry & Co. we use high quality new and reclaimed materials as well as construction techniques with an eye toward making the work not only survive but to actually look better with age. Vital to good landscape construction is preparing the base, pitching the landscape for runoff and making sure areas are level when required.

Construction Management

At Bayberry & Co. we also serve as the general contractor for the landscape of the property. In addition to ensuring everything is up to quality and design specifications we also perform functions such as ensuring that an underground propane tank or water well is sited to minimize visual impact. Or, determining the ideal elevation for an in-ground pool. On larger commissions we manage all trades in the interests of our clients. This may include managing pool companies, pavers, carpenters, electricians and pipefitters.


Because masonry such as walls, patios, walkways and fireplaces are such a large part of landscaping, we employ a number of artisans with exemplary masonry skills. In addition to crafting durable and practical structures, they provide a level of quality and a visual esthetic that is consistent throughout an entire project. Through their many years of craftsmanship they have also developed highly unique resources to obtain reclaimed stone such as granite and other materials that allow for a delightful level of visual impact. For new materials we work directly with stone quarries.

Tree & Shrub Transplanting

Part of constructing a landscape may call for relocating trees. Many companies use hydraulic spading to transplant trees. But this can destroy up to 70% of the root system. At Bayberry & Company we are experts at removing and then relocating trees up to 14” in caliper by “bare rooting ” the tree. This involves digging up the vast root system of the tree by hand using a devise called an air spade, which blows the dirt from the roots without damaging them. Bare rooting allows us to save up to 75% of the root system. Another method includes hand digging the root ball and then lacing the ball in burlap to contain the soil and roots.

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The creation of meaningful outdoor spaces begins with a thorough understanding and analysis of a property’s potential in response to a program developed by you the client. As artisans of the landscape, we seek to provide creative, detailed, and beautiful elements to your exterior environment.

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